Surrey Care Record

Surrey Care Record

Madeira Medical has joined the Surrey Care Record, part of the NHS’ national scheme to support safer and more joined up care across health and care providers in Surrey Heartlands.

This means that your health information can be seen not only by your GP, but also by other teams involved in your care such as hospital admissions teams, ambulance crews and community health teams.

In practical terms, should you be admitted to A&E or hospital, the teams involved will be able to see information such as allergies, current medicines and previous treatment plans without you having you repeat your medical history multiple times. It also means that your GP will be up to date with test results and appointments made by a hospital or encounters with other care providers such as social care or mental health teams.

Your data is stored safely and securely at all times, with only the relevant people able to access the necessary information from your record when needed.

Below are some short videos giving more information about the Surrey Care Record, and some examples of improved care taken from real patient experiences:

You do of course have the choice to object to your information being shared in this way outside of your GP surgery, though the NHS strongly recommends the sharing of data and real-world experience demonstrates that it leads to higher quality and safer care. If you decide not to have your data shared, please contact your GP surgery who can provide you with further information and remove your record from the Surrey Care Record. This will not affect your record with your GP surgery.

You can read the Surrey Care Record’s Privacy Notice on their website.